S Wallet

We did not want to lose any of the minimalist designs of our product range but at the same time we wanted to provide a wallet that would fit a smartphone. That is how the S Wallet came about.

The S Wallet accommodatesan iPhone as well as credit cards and a wad of cash.  A smart and simple design based on robust elastic fabric results in a minimalist roomy wallet that matches our product range and like our other wallet types is very practical.


The S Wallet has been designed so that it can function with or without a smart phone stored inside. A smart phone can be easily removed and inserted into the wallet. Justlike the E8 Walletit is available in a variety of colours and is a very practical product.


The S Wallet is a product designed to store an iPhone.There will be other S Wallets for other smart phones in the near future. If you have a smartphone with dimensions close to that of an iPhone, then there is a chance that the S wallet will fit your smartphone also.

The S Wallet, like all of our products, is based on an unusualdesign. Therefore we invite you to read the section "How doesit work?" in which we present films that show the best way to use our products.

  • Size: Iphone 4 / 4s / 5
  • 2 compartments for credit cards, ID cards and business cards (holds up to 6-8 cards), a few bank notes
  • 1 compartment for a Iphone
  • Available in 9 different colours
  • Materials: strong rubber, triple stitching
  • Design: Ultra Slim, minimalist, for men and women