December 24, 2021

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Double E8LR Wallet

Our process of creating minimalist wallets is currently in the phase in which we are trying to combine the most traditional leather wallets with the functionalities of wallets that have been in the Elephantwallet offer for several years.
There are already several models of leather wallets that you can find in our offer - Leather Elephantwallets 
One of the entries will be devoted to these leather wallets, but today we would like to pay special attention to our latest product: Doubel E8LR we are very proud of. It is a well-thought-out, very functional, minimalistic design.

The wallet is made of leather with a thickness of about 1.8 mm (black or brown painting) and the woven rubber, known from our other flexible wallets, 50 mm wide, forming the main compartment for credit cards, and 20 mm of rubber forming the fastening for keys, memory cards and similar small items.

Double E8LR, like all our wallets, will fit in a jeans pocket and at the same time will not restrict movement. Its dimensions after folding are approx. 65 mm x 90 mm x 8 mm, and when unfolded, the width is approx. 150 mm. The wallet is closed with a snap.

Despite its small size, the Double E8LR is very roomy and in addition to many cards that we can fit in it, there is also space for a key, pendrive and banknotes. Cards can be sorted in three pockets depending on whether we want to have quick access to them. We can get to two pockets without opening the wallet. One of them is a special cutout for a finger to facilitate quick ejection of the card while paying, and the other is completely covered.

In the middle of the wallet there is a third pocket / compartment made of durable, well-adherent rubber with a width of 50 mm. Thanks to the elasticity of the rubber, we can fit from 1 to several cards in this pocket. At the same time, this pocket is great for holding banknotes. Depending on the location of the banknotes, we have access to them, which allows you to remove individual banknotes without having to remove the entire file. Since the rubber card / bill compartment is inside the wallet, which is additionally closed with a latch, it is not possible for cards or banknotes to fall out by accident.

On the opposite side of the rubber compartment there is a space with two small compartments where we can put 2 keys or 1 key and a pedal or any other combination of small, flat items. When designing the wallet, we particularly wanted a key location that we would have quick access to.

Regardless of whether the wallet is open or closed, all items in it are very well protected against falling out. It combines the features of a capacious double wallet, which in most cases does not need to be opened to remove a credit card during payment or an identity document in the event of a need to identify yourself.

We believe that the construction of the Doubel E8LR is very functional and may appeal to users with different needs. At the same time, it gives the potential for even more creative use of the space inside the portfolio. If you have any ideas, please contact us. Maybe you will need a place for a few coins, a memory card, etc.?